Los Angeles Addiction Facilities: The Most Famous Ones

Los Angeles is a very unique city when looking at its position in the United States and in the world, and the influence that it has on the rest of the world through its association and domination of the film industry, and because of this there are a lot of famous and influential people who do live in the city. Because of this there is a significant number of people that use addiction facilities in Los Angeles, and inevitably some of these will be from the entertainment industries that are so important in the city, which is why the centers in Los Angeles tend to get more attention than those in other cities.

However, it is not only the extra media attention that will make the reputation of the most popular and the most famous Los Angeles addiction facilities, with the success rates and the abstinence levels once the treatment is over and the addict is back at home being a big factor of the facilities developing their reputations. Here are profiles of some of the most famous facilities in Los Angeles:

Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center is probably one of the most famous and well-known of the addiction treatment facilities in the Los Angeles area, being set just a short distance away in Rancho Mirage. Being the brainchild of the former first lady Betty Ford who actually founded the center in the 1980s, it is a facility which has had proven results with the people that it has helped, including a number of celebrities who have spoken publicly about how they have been helped through the staff and treatment at the center.

The center itself has a wide range of treatments available, from the residential stays for those needing intensive twenty four hour treatment to the day visits and the outpatient treatments that are also available for those who are dealing with their addictions. Celebrities such as Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Lohan and Johnny Cash have all been visitors to the center, and among the 90,000 people who have been treated at the facility since it first opened in 1982.

Pasadena Recovery Center

Another of the popular addiction treatment facilities for addicts in the Los Angeles area is the Pasadena Recovery Center, which has been at the center of the TV show 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew', which is a very popular program where a number of high profile individuals including Dennis Rodman, Steven Adler and Janice Dickinson have all been treated for the VH1 show. However, this is only one facet of the work of the center, which helps those suffering from alcohol and substance addictions.

The Pasadena Recovery Center has been helping addicts to cope with their problems for over 10 years, and was originally founded by the psychiatrist Dr. Lee Bloom. Similarly to the other sites mentioned, this center offers both residential and outpatient treatment and has trained medical and psychiatric staff based at the center that can also deal with patients who have been diagnosed with mental issues which are triggering or exacerbating their substance addictions.

Clearview Treatment Programs

Another of the groups which offers addiction treatment facilities in Los Angeles is the Clearview Treatment Programs group which operates a number of facilities in the area. This is another addiction treatment facility which has been operating for over a decade, and was founded by Michael Roy, and has the capacity to treat people with a variety of substance and alcohol addictions along with other psychiatric issues as well.

Because of the variety and differences between the different problems that can arise with addictions and their related problems, the group offers a number of different facilities looking at the different problems that addictions can cause.

The Hills Treatment Center

Another of the more famous addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles is The Hills Treatment Center, which has been founded by the noted media contributor and addiction treatment specialist Dr Howard Samuels. Dr. Samuels has extensive experience in treating addictions for a number of years, and has first hand experience after overcoming his own problems with cocaine in the late sixties and early seventies. His column with the Huffington Post and contributions to TV shows such as 'Good Morning America' and 'The Today Show' has brought a lot of attention to his addiction treatment center.

As with most of the centers that operate in the Los Angeles area, The Hills treatment center has both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities, and has a wide range of treatments available which can help addicts to deal with their problems and overcome the addiction in the way that is most suitable to them. By offering the most suitable options for individuals, whether it is an intensive outpatient or a visit to the welcoming residential treatment facility, addicts can find that there is a lot to offer in the facility.


Being a city where there is always a party going on, finding substance abuse problems is quite a common occurrence in the city which has the unofficial moniker 'Sin City' because of all the indulgences that are available in the city.

However, dealing with the issues is something that is very important, and being in control of the problem can help addicts to get back to a more normal and productive life by learning to cope and to resist the addiction and to find alternatives to their addiction, and sites such as lagop.us can be useful resources for those looking for recovery.

By looking for addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles, it is the first step to dealing with an addiction, and although these are just a few of the options available, there are many centers which will have programs, both residential or outpatient depending on what is most suitable for the addict, which can really help the addict to start to come to terms with their addiction, and to find a realistic solution. Dealing with addiction is never going to be easy, but with the help of centers such as the ones profiled here, it is possible to overcome and to return to a happy and productive life after addiction.

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